Top 10 reasons bowling should be an Olympic sport:

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There are more than 10 million competitors world wide and more than 100 million participants world wide.


There are more than 250,000 bowling lanes in over 150 countries.


The FIQ is composed by national associations of more than 120 countries.


Bowling has far more registered dues-paying participants than any other sport.


The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) has more than 4,300 member worldwide.


The Bowling World Cup is an international event with teams of one male and one female bowler from participating countries held annually in destinations around the world and has proven extremely successful.


The sport requires high skill in the professional game, but it is a very simple to understand and can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, both able-bodied and disable-bodied.


10-pin bowling has a long and illustrious history. It has become one of the biggest sports in the Special Olympics today and is a living example of how the sport can thrive in international competition.


Bowling is currently included in sports events such as the World Games, Asian Games, Mediterranean Games, Pan American Games, South American Games, Central American and Caribbean Games, and Southeast Asian.


10-pin bowling now easily holds the distinction as being the largest sport in the world which is not yet part of the Olympic Games.

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