How to use SnackBar Rewards.

Reward Name: This is the name of the reward you are giving. It can be anything you like that describes your reward in a few words. "Buy 1, Get 1!"

Reward SKU: This field is optional and only for your own record keeping. "16153"

Description: This is where you describe your reward. "Everyone loves free bowling so we're giving you a free game for each one you purchase!"

Terms and Conditions: Enter in any specific rules to this reward. "Valid anytime open lanes are available. Up to 5 free games. This reward may not be combined with any other offer."

Issue this reward when a customer spends more than $: Enter the amount of money a customer must spend to receive the reward. This is for a single transaction.

This reward is valid for ## days after it is issued: The reward will expire this many days after it is issued. An example would be, if a customer earned a reward on Jan 1 and was valid for 14 days, the reward will expire on January 14th.

All rewards are e-mailed to the customer. Click here for a sample reward e-mail.

**When multiple rewards are present, the highest dollar amount reward is the only reward that will be sent to the customer. If there is a reward for a $10 purchase named *Free Shoes* and a reward for a $20 purchase called *Buy 1 Get 1* If the customer spends $22. They will only receive the *Buy 1 Get 1* reward.