Why Every Bowling Center Should Post a Menu Online

A headline on the National Restaurant Association website reads in bold letters, "The restaurant industry is fast-paced and ever changing." Like many other industries, the Internet has affected the way that restaurants operate and advertise.

Having a menu online is one of the essential steps in driving web traffic and attracting more bowlers. Posting a menu online provides an edge over the competition. SnackBar helps you get your menu online and give your customers the ability to order from their mobile phone.

Not having a menu can make your bowling center look old, and less competitive. From the point of view of an online-savvy bowler, this lack of information is oftena deal breaker.  

If your bowling center has a website (which is highly recommended) make sure that you include a menu that is easy to find. And the more detailed the descriptions in the menu, the better.

Things you should include on your online menu:

* Ingredients

* Prices

* Daily Specials

* Combos/Promotions

* Other Specifics (i.e. kosher, gluten-free, vegan, etc.)

A major benefit of having an online menu is search engine optimization for your bowling center website. Menus are packed with keywords that will get your bowling center’s website to the top of Google. It's easy content to keep up and a possible traffic-driving tool to your website. If you don't have a website for your restaurant, you should get one ASAP! SnackBar can help!

A fast and easy way to make your menu digitally available is to make a Facebook page for your restaurant. This is a great option for restaurateurs who are on a tight budget, since it's free and also doubles as a marketing tool. Facebook users can "like" your page, peruse the menu and you can post discounts, special deals, or announce new items to your followers.