Unorthodox Deliveries

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There has been a lot of discussion on Jason Belmonte's two handed bowling style and his seemingly unbeatable streak the last few seasons. Many sports have had players who dominated with unorthodox styles. Below are a few players who "did it their own way" but still proved to be extremely successful and even revolutionized the way players compete today.

The answer is do what is best for you. Do it the way that you can make it, thats the name of the game, relax, follow through but make it!

Richard Douglas "Dick" Fosbury

Richard Douglas "Dick" Fosbury (born March 6, 1947) is one of the most influential athletes in the history of track and field. He revolutionized the high jump event, inventing a unique "back-first" technique, now known as the Fosbury Flop, adopted by almost all high jumpers today. 

Tim Lincecum

Tim Lincecum's delivery is partly responsible for his nickname "The Freak." It could also have something to do with the fact that, at 5'11", 165 pounds, he is one of the most dominant power pitchers in baseball.

The reason people were wary to draft the star out of Washington was the inverted L. Watching his delivery, there is an inverted L shape to his throwing arm after it leaves the glove, this creates tremendous torque on the arm as it comes around to throwing position.

Right now he is simply the second-best pitcher in baseball. He is just five strikeouts short of 1,000 and there are already two Cy Young Awards on his mantle at only 26 years old.

Glenn Hall

Glenn Henry "Mr. Goalie" Hall (born October 3, 1931) is a former professional ice hockey goaltender. During his National Hockey League career with the Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Black Hawks, and St. Louis Blues, Hall seldom missed a game and was a consistent performer, winning the Vezina Trophy three times, and the Calder Memorial Trophy. Nicknamed "Mr. Goalie", he was the first goaltender to develop and make effective use of the butterfly style of goalkeeping.

Bjorn Borg

The Ice Man himself. Bork was an amazing player (and was actually coached by Oscar Wegner at one point) and is widely considered one of the greatest players of all time. He won 41% of the Grand Slam singles tournaments he entered with a winning percentage of 89% for his Grand Slam singles matches. He is the only player to win both Wimbledon and the French Open twice in the same year for 3 years. He had an unorthodox backhand that was considered a 2 handed backhand but had a lot of characteristics of a 1 handed backhand as well. It was a sort of blend of both of them. He is different from the others on the list since his two handed backhand is largely credited with changing tennis forever. The prevalence of the 2 handed backhand in tennis increased dramatically during and after his career.

Rick Barry

Richard Francis Dennis "Rick" Barry III (born March 28, 1944) is a retired American professional basketball player. Some longtime NBA observers consider him to be the greatest pure small forward of all time as a result of his uncanny ability to score, acute court vision, knowledge and execution of team defense principles, tenacious and oft-times demanding will to win and unorthodox but highly accurate underhanded free throw shooting. Rick Barry is the 3rd most accurate free throw shooter in the history of the NBA at over 89.9%

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