Why Online Ordering Matters for Bowling Centers

Traditional bowling  centers on average do 35%+ of their revenue from food and beverage sales. Boutique centers can be over 50%.

Online ordering is a way customers can play, explore and interact with your menu in an entirely different way than ever before.

Larger More Frequent Orders

  • Customers have more time to browse the menu and are more likely to add additional items.
  • Always offers an up-sell.
  • Customers don't have to open their wallet.

Improved operations

  • Check the order when you have a good opportunity, in-between serving other customers.
  • No language barrier = high order accuracy.
  • Order details complete and verified by the customer.
  • An average bowling center food and beverage order can take 3 - 6 minutes. The average bowling center online order takes less than 30 seconds.

Online ordering + bowling

  • Increase top line revenue by increasing sales of high margin food and beverage items.
  • Provide a high quality experience that appeals to a younger generation.
  • remain an industry leader and a trend-setter.
 Click the slide above to view the rest of the slides.

Click the slide above to view the rest of the slides.