10 specific things the average league bowler can do to "Save Bowling."

I hear a lot of people telling USBC and PBA how to “Save Bowling” but very few people want to actually step up and do something themselves. Below are a list of 10 things you can do as an average league bowler to “Save Bowling.”

10. Don't get upset when you have to practice next to a birthday party, instead offer them some advice and tell the parents about how great the youth program is at your center. It will mean more coming from you than from an employee.

9. Eat at the bowling center. A traditional bowling center on average makes 35% of their revenue on food and beverage sales. Instead of eating fast food in the car before league, support your local bowling center.

8. Support the PBA and USBC's sponsors / partners. Major corporate sponsorship is what will get bowling back into the mainstream quickly. Easy ways to do this include posting on their social media accounts that you're a bowler and support their products.

***Here are a few links to make it even easier. You have no idea how much of a different it would make by simply writing on their Facebook wall "I am a bowler and I support your products." Take 30 second and do it right now!***

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7. Check-in on Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter every time you go bowling. The more people who see that you're out having fun bowling will be more likely to go bowling themselves.

6. Support your local bowling center. Are they having a fundraiser? Attend. Is your company looking for somewhere to have a corporate event? Suggest your bowling center. Kid's birthday? Go bowling!

5. Subscribe to Xtra Frame. Stop sharing 1 account with your 50 closest friends. I was a very early subscriber to xtra frame, before there was commentary and when it looked like it was filmed with a potato. The service is getting better every day.

4. Realize that the USBC is not out to get you. Your $21 sanction fee per year is only about .75 cents per week of league and $4 less than the cost of joining the American Pool Players Association who doesn’t give out nearly as many rewards or benefits of being a USBC member.

3. Instead of buying a new $225 ball, take that money and invest it in yourself. Thats 100 games or practice @ $2.25 per game. You'll be able to practice 5 games per day, once a week for 5 months. (Doesn't bowling sound inexpensive now?)

2. Become a USBC registered volunteer and devote your Saturday mornings to helping the youth programs. Don't know how to coach? USBC Offers classes. More coaches = more bowlers.

1. Summer is coming. Invite a non league bowler to join a fun mixed league with you. If they enjoy it, have them continue into a fall league. As bowlers we need to be the sales force behind the sport. Lots of people want to join leagues but are intimidated because they think “bad bowlers can’t be in a league." Show them that anyone can be a league bowler whether you’re a competitive bowler or there to spend a night out with friends.