3 Free, Awesome Bowling Center Promotions

3 new bowling center promotions that cost nothing to try.

Bowlers are tired of the same old bowling alley promotions. How many years have we been putting a red pin in the rack, giving customers a chance to roll a strike for a free game? I'm falling asleep just thinking about it.

Below are 3 awesome, unique promotions that will get your customers to bowl longer and come back more frequently.

Gamify open bowling.

Game 1 is $5, game 2 is $4, game 3 is $3 and every game after is $2. Bowlers will think they are saving money by bowling more when they will be bowling more than they expected. Set the scale to the pricing that works best at your center and watch customers stay for hours since they're getting such a good deal!

Everyone wants to bowl well.

Offer open play bowlers the option to play no-tap at no charge.

Counter Person: "Hey, do you guys want to play 9s enough today?"

Customer: "What's 9s enough?"

Counter Person "9s enough is where if you get 9 on your first ball, it counts as a strike!"

Open play customers will remember this as a fun twist on their experience at your bowling center. Next time they think about going bowling, they'll remember that your bowling center let them have a little more fun than your competitor down the street. This is great for parents with small children or adults who are self described "horrible bowlers." If a group of 5 bowls 2 more strikes per person per game over 3 games, the lane will turn over 22 minutes faster!

 "Earn your Shoes."

Every game a customer bowls, they get $0.25 taken off the cost of their rental shoes. On average, customers who rent shoes bowl 2 - 3 games. Open play bowlers will feel like they're getting a better deal and saving money by bowling longer. At $3 per game, you'll make $2.00 - $2.25 ROI on every extra game bowled.

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-- Steve