How to add Menu Items

1.   Click "Edit Menu"

2.  Type in the name of a menu section and click "Save."

Menu sections are the main categories that appear in the mobile app. 

Menu Sections are organized by the order they are modified. The last edited menu section appears on the top of the list in the mobile app. 

*See below* 

3. Now that you have added a menu section, you can add menu items.  

Begin by adding an item name and description of the item.

You can then enter the price, there is no need to put a $.  

The location drop down box is if your venue has more than 1 printer. Select which printer you want this item to print out at. 

SKUs are optional and for your own record keeping. 

Check if the item is taxed or not.

Click "Save Item." 

* See Below*

Menu Sections

Adding Menu Items

4. Adding Sub Items 

Sub items are add-ons, upgrades, extras and options. 

After adding an item, click "Add Sub-Item."

Enter the sub - item name, description and optional SKU. 

Click "Save Sub-Item." 

Adding Sub Items

Ways to use sub-items. 

Additional Items

Ex. Pizza and each ingredient is $0.50. Add each additional ingredient with a price of $0.50.

Make a selection

Ex Chicken Wins and select a sauce. Add each available sauce at $0.00 each and in the item description say "Please select 1 sauce below."